Please click on the day and time in which you choose to join and register for a BLESS RHYTHM Community Group.  There is a limit of 15 per/class so hurry and register for the time slot that best suits you.  Once you register, you will receive a special invitation from your community group lead welcoming you to your new COMMUNITY.

What is "Community Groups"?


Community Groups are our way of more effectively growing together in Christ.  With a church this size there is no way we will get to know each and every member and develop that loving relationship that God has called us to have.  We are all one body but in order to feel connected to one another we have to actually meet each other, grow with each other, learn about each other and share with each other.  


This is our way of closing the gap.  Smaller groups are placed together in blocks "units" throughout a year.  These groups will learn together, fellowship together, study God's word together, pray together and hangout together.


"Community is more than scheduled meetings or even 'the work'.  Our unity is as strong as the Blood shed that brough us together.  Learn to BE together, not just existing in the same place at the same time, so the world may know that you all belong to a continent (...or a Kingdom) that Jesus' blood paid for."

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