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Why Convoy of Hope?


We will join efforts for this year’s KC Convoy of Hope on September 11, 2021.Together we can inspire true change in our city. It is so exciting to have this opportunity to serve our community. Together we can build hope and relationships. 

Kansas City began hosting annual KC Convoy of Hope outreach events in 1999. Each year, excluding 2020, we have partnered with churches, organizations, and businesses to serve our community. On an average we honor 3,000 to 4,000 guests. This event impacts the working poor and other in need. We are aware the poverty rate in our urban core averages 31.7% - 36.1%. Far above the average of 16.1% for the state of Missouri.

Each year we have proven by strategically combining our efforts and resources, we can make a difference in lives of our honored guests. This year’s event will be successful only if we have the support, volunteerism, and donations to ensure its success.

Be a part! Volunteer! Donate!

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