April 11, 2020

Greetings Macedonians & Friends,

Tomorrow is Easter, and for most of us it brings fond memories of family meals with all the fixings, Easter baskets with lots of candy, and reciting our Easter speeches in our new outfits.

But over the years I have noticed a growing disdain for those Easter traditions from so many Christians because they feel those traditions cheapen the real meaning of Easter. Let me share with you my perspective. I believe that we should not look at these traditions with disdain but rather as a way of sharing the good news that Jesus rose from the dead. When viewed from this perspective you will see there is need to celebrate.

Yes, let’s celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ! If we go all out for our birthdays, anniversaries, graduations etc... then let’s go all out for the resurrection! Have a party, play music, shout or dance, but make sure you are letting people know WHY you are celebrating. In the words of Kool & The Gang “Celebrate Good Times…Come On! “or “I’m gonna party like its 1999!” for you Prince lovers (Teri Brooks).

So, join me on tomorrow and invite everyone you know for a Resurrection Party starting at 8:30 am with a Holy Ghost Cocktail Hour Easter Special, followed by a 9:45 am Shouting Good Time Party as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior!

He arose, HE arose, HE arose from the dead!!

Peace & Love,

John L. Brooks


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