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October 6, 2020

Greetings, Macedonia Family and Friends!

Our perseverance through the challenges and struggles we have faced this year truly has been tested and has caused us to tap deeply into our faith. It’s been quite the journey!  Indeed, the decision to close the church was by far one of the most difficult I ever have had to make; not just in my time as a pastor, but in my entire life!! And yet, it was easier than the decision of when to or not to re-open. Accordingly, it is with a heavy heart, but with utmost confidence that it is the best and the right thing to do, that I must inform you that the reopening tentatively scheduled for this Sunday, October 11th, has been postponed. 

As was stated in the previous letter, the single biggest contingency on whether or when we would reopen was the status of the number of COVID-19 cases. Unfortunately, there has been a dramatic spike in numbers nationwide, and specifically, in the greater Kansas City area, Missouri and Kansas, that simply makes it unsafe to come together at this time. I know this is a disappointment to some, but trust me, NO ONE is more disappointed than me.

Believe me when I say, for months now, countless hours of prayer and hard work have gone into researching and evaluating a safe reopening process. The Reopening Committee has been very diligent in its efforts to bring us back together.  None of us ever has traveled this road before and things haven’t gone as we planned or desired. But know this — we are resolved to come back together as quickly, as completely, and most importantly, as SAFELY as possible. And we will!  I assure you; the Reopening Committee is diligently looking into other alternatives that will allow us to come back together safely.

I will keep you updated on our progress as things develop. But I am asking each and every one of you to pray for us as we trod this path of unknowns. Please make sure your information is accurate in Breeze! It truly has been our connection pipeline during these tumultuous months! 

In closing, 

I know somehow and I know some way we’ re gonna make it, no matter what the test whatever comes our way we’re gonna make it. With Jesus on our side, things will work out fine... We’re gonna make it!! We’re gonna make it!!!!!

Keep praying! Keep believing! And, come what may, let us keep working and walking together — in unity... as one!

Peace & Love,

John L. Brooks

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