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God wants to use you to make a difference.

There are several opportunities to serve at Macedonia Baptist no matter where you are. 

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Serve at Macedonia Baptist Church

One of the best ways to meet people, develop relationships and grow as a follower of Christ is to serve the local church. And it's not just on the weekends! Serving opportunities are available seven days a week.


Are you looking for the perfect place to volunteer at church during the week? If you have administrative skills and a heart to serve, you can put your talents and passions to work by serving at the church office! We welcome people with flexible schedules, administrative experience, and a great sense of humor. Find your perfect fit on our team!

Community Groups

We're looking for people with a servants heart, committed to the church, its core values and ministry goals who want to develop some wonderful relationships with people from the congregation. By volunteering as a facilitator your main goal would be to facilitate the effectiveness of the group meetings. Training would be provided as well, to help cultivate your gifts you already possess. 


We’re looking for talented, hard-working, proactive volunteers who are into animation, film, audio, graphic design, production, or planning and logistics. Volunteer hours are flexible.

Social Media

The Social Media Team exists to help people feel needed and known on the Macedonia social media platforms. There are people in your community who have never set foot inside of a church and social media may be how God reaches them. By volunteering to lead the way on social media, you’re refusing to let them spend another day without knowing the love of Christ, and you’re doing everything you can to show the Light of the World to them. You can serve from anywhere, and at any time.

Church Anniversary Committee Member​

We are looking for people to provide input on the strategic planning of the church anniversary.​Express your opinions and perspectives that will lead to innovative and creative plans for the church anniversary.​

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