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An angry zealous murderer, Paul hunted all followers of Jesus. But God turned a zealous persecuter into a passionate Church planter. Walk with us as we explore the second most important character in the New Testament.

Famous for telling Job to "curse God and die", this nameless spouse is placed in a category with the Bible's most infamous women. But examine her before you judge her and you might honor her for the Proverbs 31 woman she is.

This prophet suddenly bursts on the scene, confronts the hood-rats in the palace, sends a nation into a 3 year drought and disappears. Then God uses him to provoke the ultimate battle with the pagan god Baal. But this wasn't really an epic showdown of good vs. evil. Find out what God was really up to at Mt. Carmel.

Personal Development Plan

What is MY prayer plan? What is MY learning style? How am I wired to serve? What is MY giving plan? Whether you're a new believer or an Admiral in the faith, lets walk together to discover and refresh your strategy for growth and purpose.