From the Pastor's Desk

July 17, 2021


Greetings My Brothers and Sisters In Christ,


Thanks to everyone who came out for the March for Unity today. Reconciliation in the community as well as in the Church is one of the biggest challenges we face today. Unite KC was, and every subsequent event like it will be, a significant step in the right direction! We are stronger individually and collectively when we join together as one! One in the Spirit!


Tomorrow we will continue our quest to become more acquainted with the Personhood and Deity of the Holy Spirit. Please come out and join us for Sunday School and Worship Service.  


Today’s walk made me think of the three colors in a traffic light —. red, yellow, and green; In closing, I urge you to “Stop! In the name of love!” (John 3:16); “…Yield yourself unto God…” (Romans 6:13), and “Go where the Holy Spirit leads you!”  (Psalm 32:8)


Peace & Love, 

John L. Brooks



8:30 a.m. Sunday School

9:45 a.m. Worship Service


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