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From the Pastor's Desk

Greetings Macedonians,


I hope and pray this week has been as restful for you as it was for me. I am so happy to tell you my staff and I are feeling very rejuvenated, and we are elated and determined to serve you in a much better way. My question to you is. Did you rest? What did you do on your Gethsemane? How did you focus on God? The idea around Gethsemane is (Matthew 26: 36-56) when you are feeling overwhelmed with ministry, it’s good to take a break. So, as our Gethsemane ends, I am excited to see you at church tomorrow. On Sunday, I will continue preaching my series on strongholds and breaking down barriers as we look to God who is our stronghold.


Peace & Love

John L. Brooks

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