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Mental Health Wellness 
Our Mission

The Dare2Care Mental Health Wellness Ministry cares for you and are concerned about your physical, spiritual, and mental well-being!


Therefore, Dare2Care offers a holistic approach of support that will assist you through your  recovery jouney.  Dare2Care offers peer support from Board Certified Mental Health Coaches who have been trained to coach those dealing with a mental health issue and to those with family members dealing with a mental health issue. 


We are breaking stigmas by openly discussing mental health issues

in a safe and confidential space. Here you are welcome to share your stories, challenges, and learn coping skills.


We want to be a bridge between you and the mental healthcare system.  Our goal is to provide evidence-based tools and resources to assist you. 


Support Groups meet weekly. Our hope is that at the completion of the 15-16 weeks of support, you will have learned tools and coping mechanisms that will enable you to better manage your every day life. 


For additional information, contact:


Meet Our Coaches
Mark Weaver
Leah Solomon
Thomas McKibben
Sheryl Walker
Karenina Warren
Michele Pannelle
Jewell Batson
Beverly Anderson
Cherylette Caldwell
Brian Moore
James Davidson
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