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Scholarship Ministry

The purpose of the Macedonia Scholarship Fund is to demonstrate the church's commitment to our young people in their endeavors toward attaining higher education.

To this end, the Scholarship Ministry uses available funds to make awards to students who are members of the church and are pursuing their degree.

Applicants will have the responsibility of adhering to the guidelines/policy set forth by the Scholarship Committee to meet eligibility.

 Apply for a scholarship

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Please note: on the High School Scholarship Application form, we've added an essay for those that would like to apply for the Mother Eloise Allen award (essay is optional)

In order to receive this award, applicants must have a 3.0 GPA and complete a 250-300 essay response to ONE of the following questions.


  1. What impact has working in church made on your life?  

  2. This year, the theme of the church is "The Importance of the Church," in what ways has covid impacted your faith in the church and/or your walk with Christ?

 Complete a graduate profile for graduate Sunday


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