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For you and you family

At Macedonia we care about leading people from birth - adulthood, and we have fun and engaging ministries for your Kids and Students to help them learn more about who God is and who they are in light of that.


Macedonia has a robust area with secure check-in and check-out for children from birth all the way up to 5th grade. We believe it's important to provide a worship experience for children that is specifically tailored to their age group. Macedonia kids nurtures nursery, preschool age, and elementary school children up to the fifth grade.

Concord Student Ministry engages middle school and high school students in an interactive and creative environment that is offered every Sunday in the multi-purpose area.

Men equipping and encouraging each other through Christ. The Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Ministry is here to reach, strengthen, and encourage men to make a difference wherever they are in life.

55+ ( M.O.S.A.I.C)

This ministry is committed to Motivating Our Senior Adults In Christ (M.O.S.A.I.C.). It is a fellowship ministry that brings our members 55+ years old together focusing on Christ, healthy living and fun. This ministry has various activities throughout the year designed expressly for our senior adults and our community senior adults.


Thomas McKibben


When a male that is 18+ years old joins Macedonia, automatically becomes a part of the Brotherhood Ministry. The Brotherhood Ministry links brothers together with a common interest, Jesus. Through fellowship, brothers are encouraged and strengthened. The ministry provides prayer, support and fellowship for the men of our church family and our community.


Stephen Garrett


A Deacon is God’s appointed servant to the church. His responsibility is to serve the people of the church by freeing up the pastor so he can teach and preach. Deacons become a part of this ministry by pastoral invitation only.


Lewis (Joey) Smith


This ministry is comprised of the wives of the Deacons and previous Deaconesses. You must be a wife of a Deacon to be a part of this ministry.


Harriet (Doogie) Smith


The Drama Ministry provides productions throughout the year. This ministry praises God through dramatic production, artful interpretations, song and dance. This is an opportunity for not only those with singing and acting talent, but also for writers, set designers and set builders.


Lillie Mitchum


The Evangelism Ministry focuses on evangelism and community outreach. As a part of this ministry, you can be involved in visiting convalescent homes, group centers and other various programs designed to reach out to the community with the Gospel. This ministry also provides excellent training to develop your ability to unapologetically share your faith.


Michael Gardenhire Jr


The Greeter Ministry is responsible for welcoming all who enter into our church facility. They are an organized group of adult and youth serving God by providing a gracious greeting to members and visitors. Those who serve in this ministry ensure everyone who enters our doors experience the love of God.


Leonetta Brown


The Grief Ministry serves those impacted by the loss of loved ones. Their mission is to be a source of encouragement, and caring love for those grieving the passing of a loved one. They provide information on the grief process and how to live with the loss suffered. This ministry creates an atmosphere of security, confidentiality, and understanding so those grieving may feel and experience the healing comfort of God.


Joyce Wells


The Hospitality Ministry is called to provide nutritious meals for the physical body for homegoing celebrations, church celebrations, workshops and any other church-wide events. This ministry utilizes dedicated and committed volunteer workers who can cook, clean, serve and plan menus.


Sonya Nealy

International Missions

It is the goal of this ministry to assist in making Macedonia a powerful force connecting with local and international churches. They strive to make a difference in the lives of people throughout the world by showing and sharing the love of Christ.


Charles Porter Jr.


The Marriage Ministry enhances marriages by providing a biblical basis for marriage through workshops, retreats and fellowship activities. When a married couple joins Macedonia, they are automatically a part of and can participate in the Marriage Ministry.


Alicia & Lee Carlock


The Multimedia Ministry is responsible for all audio and visual technology needs of Macedonia. This ministry is also responsible for setting up all events with audio and visual needs. There are many ways to serve in this ministry. They need photographers, video producers and administrative assistance.


Latisha Cheatam


The Music Ministry is comprised of singers, musicians, directors, and songwriters called to lift up their talents in praise and worship to God. This ministry facilitates worship through music that glorifies God and edifies the people of God.


Timothy Robinson

New Members

The New Member Ministry is responsible for introducing every new member to the mission, vision and guiding principles of Macedonia, as well as to provide spiritual mentoring and discipleship through training sessions. It also serves as a means of equipping new members for ministry service, and helps to build meaningful relationships with fellow Macedonians.


Meshia Powell


The Nursery Ministry provides care in a safe and loving environment for our infants and toddlers during specified services at the church. These volunteers and helpers serve the youngest audience at Macedonia, teaching them and leading them to Christ.


Tiffany Bush & Shayla Morgan

Praise Dance

The Praise Dance Ministry equips members of all ages and skill levels to offer their whole body to God through dance and movement. They express themselves through movement and dance to glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Krystian Swinton


The Prison Ministry visits inmates in prison for the purpose of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and serving as a source of encouragement. This ministry seeks to build up the lives of people behind bars so they can live a life for Christ. Members of this ministry also reach out to family members of inmates. Those in this ministry also participate in accountability groups to assist ex-inmates in living Godly lives.


Cecil Terrell Sr


The Scholarship Ministry focuses on our high school students and provides scholarships to members seeking educational opportunities after high school. They host information on obtaining scholarship assistance and educational workshops for parents and students. This ministry also serves as a source of encouragement while students are in college.


Kymbr Logan


The Security Ministry ensures a safe and secure environment at all Macedonia functions and during all services.


Anthony Williams


When a female that is 18+ years old joins Macedonia, she is automatically a part of the Sisterhood Ministry. The Sisterhood Ministry provides prayer, support and fellowship for our female members and female community members.


Maria Pennye

Sunday School

The Sunday School Ministry helps all age groups to further their Christian education and to learn more about God’s Word. Teachers educate members by using the Bible and published materials. The Sunday School mission is Life Development through the Word.


Angela Morgan & Sidney Anderson


The Teen Ministry coordinates all teen activities, including Teen Church on Sunday and Teen Bible Study on Wednesday. They also coordinate outings and field trips for our teens.


Patrick Riley 


The Thrivers Ministry serves those affected by cancer. They provide support and educational information. The ministry has seminars, testing events and fellowship events. They make sure those experiencing cancer and the loved ones of those experiencing cancer, have proper information and someone to effectively walk with them spiritually, physically and emotionally.


Wanda Adams


The Transportation Ministry makes it possible for members without transportation to attend church services and functions. Certified drivers and skilled automobile maintenance workers are needed.


Vera Kipper -Dilworth


Trustees serve as stewards of the church finances, accounting, investments and bookkeeping. Members of the Trustee Ministry are appointed by pastoral invitation only.


Anthony Solomon


Ushering is the art of making members and visitors feel comfortable and offering the love of Christ as all enter to worship. Ushers welcome with a pleasant smile, provide assistance in seating, ensures everyone is comfortable and assists in maintaining the order of service.


Donna Oglesby


The Visitation Ministry is an important link in communicating with members (or loved ones) who may be experiencing the following: sickness, convalescence, hospitalization, bereavement, etc. Men and women in this ministry serve by contacting members by telephone, written correspondence and visits.


Kenneth & Vickie Stone

Young Adults

The Young Adult Ministry seeks to encourage and disciple 18-35 year old young adults. When a person in this age group joins Macedonia they are automatically a part of and can participate in this ministry. The ministry has small group sessions, fellowship events and activities. The events and activities are open to our members and the community as well.


Patrick Riley


The Youth Ministry provides a safe environment and age appropriate worship experience through our Little Lambs Nursery and our Children’s Church.


Tiffany Brown

Geneva Anderson

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